Mario Party Superstars NSP

Mario Party Superstars NSP The Ultimate Party Experience

Looking for the ultimate party experience for Mario fans? Discover the exciting world of Mario Party Superstars NSP, where you can join Mario and his friends in a thrilling multiplayer adventure. Read on to learn more about the game, its features, FAQs, and why it’s a must-play for every Mario enthusiast.

World of Mario Party Superstars NSP

Mario Party Superstars NSP is a game that truly captures the essence of joyful multiplayer gaming. Its delightful mix of nostalgia and innovative features has become a beloved addition to the Mario Party series. This article will explore the game in detail, highlighting its captivating gameplay mechanics, iconic boards, diverse collection of minigames, playable characters, exciting modes, features, and its reception among critics and players alike.

Legacy of Mario Party

Mario Party Superstars NSP pays homage to the franchise’s rich history, allowing players to relive the magic of classic Mario Party games. The game’s developers have taken great care to recreate beloved boards and minigames from previous instalments, ensuring fans can indulge in nostalgia. Whether you have fond memories of the original releases or are discovering the series for the first time, Mario Party Superstars offers a trip down memory lane that will surely bring a smile.

Recreating Classic Boards and Minigames

In Mario Party Superstars NSP, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a variety of classic boards, each with its unique theme and challenges. From the tropical paradise of Yoshi’s Tropical Island to the treacherous Boo’s Haunted Bash, there is something to suit every player’s taste. These faithfully recreated boards provide a nostalgic experience and offer fresh twists and surprises to keep you on your toes.

The game also features a collection of minigames spanning different categories such as action, racing, puzzle, and more. Whether you prefer testing your reflexes, strategizing with friends, or engaging in friendly competition, the diverse selection of minigames in Mario Party Superstars guarantees hours of entertainment and laughter.

Top Picks:

1. Mario Party Superstars – Nintendo Switch

Introducing “Mario Party Superstars” for the Nintendo Switch! Join the ultimate party with 5 classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. It’s time to gather your friends and family and show them who’s the true boss in 100 exciting minigames pulled from the entire Mario Party series.

Mario Party Superstars NSP The Ultimate Party Experience

The fun doesn’t stop there! With the option to play all game modes online, you can challenge your pals from anywhere in the world. Plus, fear not if you can’t finish a board game match in one sitting, as your progress will be saved locally and online after each turn. Simply pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready to resume the action.

The game offers versatile control options to suit your preferences. Play with a single Joy-Con controller or two Joy-Con controllers using the Joy-Con grip accessory, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or even the Nintendo Switch Lite system.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories and experience the joy of Mario Party with “Mario Party Superstars” on the Nintendo Switch!

2. Nintendo Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)

Nintendo Mario Party Superstars for the Nintendo Switch offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane with five classic boards from the beloved Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. One of these boards is the iconic Peach’s Birthday Cake, where players compete to collect the most stars while employing devious tactics to sabotage their opponents.

Mario Party Superstars NSP The Ultimate Party Experience

Another thrilling board is Space Land, where players must hold onto their coins as the menacing Bowser Coin Beam threatens to strip them of their hard-earned currency. The game’s unpredictable nature keeps players on their toes, ensuring a lively and engaging experience for all partygoers involved.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Mario Party Superstars also features an extensive collection of minigames from various titles in the Mario Party series. Whether saving up coins for stars in the board game mode or simply honing your skills in free play, you’ll find plenty of excitement in classic minigames like Mushroom Mix-Up and Shy Guy Says. Best of all, these minigames are accessible with button controls, allowing you to use the Joy-Con controller or opt for the enhanced experience of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Nintendo Switch Lite.

And if you prefer connecting with friends or players worldwide, you’ll be delighted to know that all game modes, including board games and minigames, can be played online. So gather your friends, prepare for some friendly competition, and let the Mario Party Superstars fun begin!

3. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)

Join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad on an exciting adventure to rescue the Sprixie Kingdom in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury for the Nintendo Switch (European Version). Bowser has kidnapped the Sprixie Princess, and it’s your mission to be the hero and save her!

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)

In this game, you’ll have a range of unique abilities to aid you on your quest. Clamber over walls and use the Super Bell power-up to transform into a cat and scratch your enemies. The Double Cherry allows you to clone yourself, making teaming up with friends and tackling challenges even more fun. Additionally, you can don the Cannon Box to shoot projectiles at your foes, adding a new level of strategy to your battles.

This enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World brings some exciting gameplay improvements. All characters now have increased running speed, and when using the Super Bell, you can climb even higher, giving you an edge in reaching new heights and exploring the world.

For those who prefer a different control style, you can play using gyro controls, adding an element of motion-based gameplay to enhance your experience.

The game offers local co-op play for up to three friends, allowing you to team up and enjoy the adventure together. But that’s not all; now, you can also engage in online multiplayer mayhem, expanding the fun to players worldwide.

Prepare to embark on an action-packed journey filled with challenges, power-ups, and memorable moments in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury for the Nintendo Switch.

4. Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch is a thrilling and competitive game where you’ll need to outsmart your friends and family as you race across the board to collect stars. The ultimate goal is to gather the most stars to claim victory!

You can enjoy the classic 4-player Mario Party series board game mode locally with your friends or family, or if you prefer, you can hop online and play with people worldwide.

Mario Party Superstars NSP The Ultimate Party Experience

To spice up the gameplay and add another layer of strategy, each character in the game comes with unique Dice Blocks featuring alternate numberings. This means you’ll have to carefully choose which character to play as, as their abilities can impact your chances of success.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Super Mario Party comes loaded with various exciting minigames that present wildly different challenges to keep you entertained. And with the introduction of online play, you can now face off against other players in these delightful minigames.

For an even more immersive and interactive experience, pair two Nintendo Switch systems together lay them flat, and merge both screens to enjoy Toad’s Rec Room mode. This novel approach to tabletop gaming offers a unique and captivating twist to traditional gameplay.

Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch offers endless fun, competition, and excitement with its classic board game mode, character-specific Dice Blocks, thrilling minigames (now available online), and the innovative Toad’s Rec Room mode. Get ready for a gaming experience like no other as you dive into the whimsical world of Mario and his friends!

Diverse Collection of Minigames

Party Mode: Exploring the Game Boards

In Party Mode, players embark on a thrilling adventure across various game boards, competing against each other to collect stars and coins. The boards have strategic choices, random events, and interactive elements that keep the gameplay engaging and dynamic. From carefully planning your moves to strategically utilizing items, every decision can significantly impact your success.

Minigame Mode: Fast-Paced Challenges

If you prefer a more fast-paced experience, the Minigame Mode in Mario Party Superstars NSP offers a selection of standalone minigames that can be enjoyed without the board game aspect. This mode allows you to dive straight into the action, competing against friends or AI opponents in a series of quick-fire challenges. The fast-paced nature of the minigames ensures that there is never a dull moment, and victory often hinges on a combination of skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck.

Online Play: Connecting with Friends and Players Worldwide

Mario Party Superstars NSP also provides an online multiplayer mode, allowing you to connect with friends and players worldwide. Compete in exciting matches, form alliances, and engage in friendly banter as you strive to outwit and outperform your opponents. The game’s online features make it easy to connect and play with others, ensuring that the multiplayer experience extends beyond the confines of your living room.

Description of Classic Boards from Previous Mario Party Games

Mario Party Superstars features a handpicked selection of fan-favourite boards from the history of the Mario Party series. Let’s take a closer look at some of these iconic boards and the unique challenges they offer:

  1. Yoshi’s Tropical Island: Set on a picturesque island, this board presents players with tropical-themed obstacles and strategic pathways. Beware of unpredictable events and cleverly hidden shortcuts that can turn the tides of the game.
  2. Space Land: Venture into the depths of outer space, where gravity-defying spaceships and cosmic calamities await. Strategize your moves to collect stars and avoid celestial hazards that may hinder your progress.

New Additions and Enhancements in Mario Party Superstars

While Mario Party Superstars faithfully recreates classic boards, it also introduces new features and enhancements to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The game uses modern hardware to deliver stunning visuals, enhanced animations, and improved performance. Additionally, the developers have carefully balanced gameplay elements, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

Classic Boards Remastered

One of Mario Party Superstars highlights is the inclusion of classic boards from previous Mario Party games. Fans will be thrilled to revisit iconic locations such as Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land, each faithfully recreated with modern graphics and updated gameplay mechanics. Relive the nostalgia of your favourite boards while discovering new surprises and secrets.

One of the core pillars of the Mario Party series is its vast collection of engaging and diverse minigames. Mario Party Superstars continues this tradition by offering an extensive selection of minigames that cater to various playstyles and preferences. Whether you enjoy testing your reflexes in action-packed challenges or prefer brain-teasing puzzles, there is a minigame for everyone.

Strategy, Skill, and Luck: The Key Elements

Minigames in Mario Party Superstars encompass various gameplay mechanics, requiring a combination of strategy, skill, and luck. Some minigames demand quick thinking and precision, while others rely on strategic decision-making or luck-based outcomes. The perfect blend of these elements ensures that every player has an equal opportunity to excel and experience the thrill of victory.

Iconic Mario Universe Characters Available

Mario Party Superstars features a diverse roster of playable characters, each bringing their unique personality and abilities to the game. From the heroic Mario to the mischievous Wario, players can choose their favourite character to represent them in the party-filled mayhem. The presence of beloved characters adds an extra layer of charm to the game, making every session feel like a joyful reunion with old friends.

Unique Abilities and Characteristics

Each character in Mario Party Superstars possesses unique abilities and characteristics that can influence gameplay. Some characters may excel in certain types of minigames, while others may have special abilities to tip the scales in their favour during board game segments. Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each character adds depth and strategic variety to the gameplay, ensuring that every playthrough feels distinct and exciting.

Single-Player Mode: Challenging AI Opponents

The game offers a challenging single-player mode for those looking to enjoy Mario Party Superstars solo. Compete against AI opponents of varying difficulties and test your skills across the game’s boards and minigames. This model provides a great opportunity to sharpen your strategies, improve your performance, and unlock various achievements and rewards.

Co-op Mode: Team Up for Cooperative Fun

In addition to competitive play, Mario Party Superstars offers a cooperative mode that allows you to team up with friends or AI allies. Work together to overcome challenges, strategize as a team, and aim for collective victory. Co-op mode fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, making it perfect for players who prefer a more cooperative gaming experience.

Challenges: Unlockable Content and Rewards

Mario Party Superstars introduces various challenges players can undertake to unlock additional content and rewards. These challenges may involve completing specific tasks, achieving high scores in minigames, or successfully navigating through the boards. By conquering these challenges, players can unlock new characters, boards, and other exciting surprises, enhancing the game’s replayability.

Local Multiplayer: Gather Friends and Family

One of the hallmarks of the Mario Party series is its local multiplayer experience, and Mario Party Superstars excels in delivering shared gaming moments. Gather your friends and family around the couch, pass the controller, and dive into the multiplayer madness. The game’s intuitive controls and easy-to-understand mechanics make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a fun and inclusive gaming session for everyone.

Online Multiplayer: Compete with Players Worldwide

Mario Party Superstars takes the multiplayer experience beyond local gatherings by offering an online multiplayer mode. Connect with players worldwide and compete in thrilling matches across various boards and minigames. Whether challenging friends or engaging in friendly competition with strangers, the online multiplayer component provides endless opportunities to test your skills and forge new friendships within the Mario Party community.

Communication Options and Interaction Features

Mario Party Superstars offers communication options and interaction features to enhance the social aspect of multiplayer gameplay. Engage in lively conversations using text chat or voice chat functionalities, allowing you to strategize, celebrate victories, and share laughter with your fellow players. These communication features promote a sense of community and connection, making every game session a memorable experience.

Collectable Gems and Unlockable Characters

As you progress through Mario Party Superstars, you can collect special gems and unlock additional characters. These collectable gems testify to your achievements and progress in the game, rewarding dedicated players with exclusive content. Collecting gems and unlocking characters adds a layer of excitement and motivation, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny of the game.

Progressing Through the Game: Achievements and Rewards

Mario Party Superstars has a comprehensive achievement system that tracks milestones and accomplishments. By completing specific objectives, players can earn rewards, ranging from in-game currency to unique cosmetic items. These rewards offer tangible benefits and testament to your skills and dedication, further fueling your desire to master the game.

Difficulty Settings: Tailoring the Experience

To ensure an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels, Mario Party Superstars includes customizable difficulty settings. Whether you’re a seasoned Mario Party veteran or a newcomer to the series, you can tailor the game’s challenge level to suit your preferences. Adjusting the difficulty allows everyone to fully enjoy the game, making it accessible and engaging for players of all backgrounds.

Custom Rules: Personalizing Gameplay

Mario Party Superstars offers the ability to customize various gameplay rules to create a personalized experience. Tailor the game to your liking by adjusting the number of turns and minigame frequency and even introducing special conditions that add a unique twist to each playthrough. This flexibility ensures that each game session feels fresh and caters to your preferences, guaranteeing countless hours of enjoyment.

Critics’ Opinions on Mario Party Superstars

Since its release, Mario Party Superstars has received generally positive reviews from critics and players. Critics praise the game for its faithful recreation of classic boards and minigames, as well as its polished visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics. The nostalgic appeal, combined with the addition of new features, has been widely celebrated, with many considering it a worthy entry in the Mario Party series.

Players’ Feedback and Community Reception

Players have also expressed their satisfaction with Mario Party Superstars, commending its multiplayer experience, extensive minigame collection, and overall fun and lighthearted nature. The ability to relive classic Mario Party moments while enjoying modern enhancements has resonated well with the community, fostering a sense of nostalgia and excitement among players.


Mario Party Superstars successfully capture the magic and joy of classic Mario Party games, allowing players to relive cherished memories while experiencing new twists and surprises. With its iconic boards, diverse collection of minigames, playable characters, exciting modes, and multiplayer features, the game offers endless hours of laughter-filled entertainment. Whether you’re a longtime franchise fan or new to the Mario Party series, Mario Party Superstars will surely deliver an unforgettable party game experience that will keep you coming back for more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What platforms is Mario Party Superstars NSP available on1?

    Mario Party Superstars NSP is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console.

  2. Can I play Mario Party Superstars online with my friends?

    Yes, Mario Party Superstars NSP supports online multiplayer, allowing you to play with friends worldwide.

  3. How many players can participate in a game of Mario Party Superstars NSP?

    Up to four players can join in the fun in Mario Party Superstars NSP

  4. Can I use my existing Joy-Con controllers to play the game?

    Mario Party Superstars NSP is compatible with Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

  5. Are there any new boards in Mario Party Superstars?

    While Mario Party Superstars NSP primarily focuses on remastered classic boards, there are a few brand-new boards to explore.

  6. Can I save my progress in the game?

    Yes, Mario Party Superstars NSP allows you to save your progress, ensuring you can pick up where you left off at any time.


Super Mario Party - Nintendo Switch
Mario Party Superstars NSP The Ultimate Party Experience

Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch is a thrilling and competitive game where you'll need to outsmart your friends and family as you race across the board to collect stars. The ultimate goal is to gather the most stars to claim victory! You can enjoy the classic 4-player Mario Party series board game mode locally with your friends or family, or if you prefer, you can hop online and play with people from all around the world. To spice up the gameplay and add another layer of strategy, each character in the game comes with its own unique Dice Blocks featuring alternate numberings. This means you'll have to carefully choose which character to play as, as their abilities can impact your chances of success.

Editor's Rating:


  • Classic Gameplay: Super Mario Party brings back the beloved board game-style gameplay that fans of the series have enjoyed for years. Players roll dice, collect coins, and compete in mini-games to win.
  • Variety of Mini-Games: The game offers a wide range of mini-games, each with its unique challenges and controls. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Fun Multiplayer Experience: Super Mario Party is designed to be played with friends and family. It supports up to four players locally, making it a great party game.


  • Limited Boards: Some players may find the number of available boards in Super Mario Party to be limited compared to previous entries in the series. This may reduce the game's replay value for some players.

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